The buffer and master mix enhancements in the Identifiler Plus Kit promote more robust amplification – even in samples that do not contain PCR inhibitors. Purified samples amplified with the Identifiler Plus Kit can yield peak heights 40-100% higher than the Identifiler Kit, without any increase in the number of PCR cycles or injection times (Figure 3). In addition, the validation of two different cycle number protocols (28 & 29) enables the laboratory to adapt the amplification to standard input samples and those containing low levels of DNA.

Figure 3. Illustration of the improved sensitivity of the Identifiler Plus Kit. This figure shows the average peak heights (rfu) obtained for 4 different dilutions of a control DNA sample amplified for 28 cycles using the Identifiler Kit (green bars) and Identifiler Plus Kit (orange bars). On average, the Identifiler Plus Kit peak heights were approximately 1.7 times higher than Identifiler Kit peak heights.