Responding to the Quest to Improve the Human Condition

New cell lines, heightened concerns about product safety, emerging biosimilars, and a vaccine industry shifting to cell culture–based production all point to a need for forward-thinking technology and product platforms. Leveraging core expertise in downstream chromatography purification, and rapid molecular-based contaminant testing, the biotherapeutics and vaccine production solutions from Applied Biosystems help solve everyday problems from improving capacity, resolution and yield to performing same-day critical impurity analyses.

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Downstream Purification

    POROS® Chromatography resins are today’s best-performing chromatographic media for process-scale bioseparations. These rigid, robust particles enable high resolution separations combined with high capacity and excellent chemical stability.    

Pharmaceutical Analytics

  SEQ rapid molecular methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing help ensure the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products especially when accuracy and time-to-results are critical.    

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