High quality animal origin free insulin.

  • A wide range of product sizes
  • Gibco™ quality you expect
  • No performance compromises
  • Premium value

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Insulin remains a critical component in many cell culture media and bioprocessing applications. The drive for efficiency in these applications requires an animal origin free (AOF) insulin of the highest quality and performance while providing the flexibility and value to meet your needs from validation to scale-up.

As the exclusive supplier of Biocon insulin for cell culture applications, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers it as a raw material or blended with your custom media formulations.

A wide range of product sizes Premium value
Gibco AOF insulin is available in 1 g and 5 g sample sizes from multiple lots to simplify validation and a variety of larger pack sizes to meet larger scale demands. Gibco AOF insulin is value priced up to 50% less than major competitors.
Gibco quality assurance No performance compromises
Gibco insulin is the only tertiary AOF insulin available on the market and is backed by the highest Gibco quality standards and documentation customers have come to expect over the past 50 years. Our insulin meets and exceeds competitive insulin product performance in cell culture growth assays and is a critical component in many of Gibco's cell culture media products.

Product Quantity Catalog Number
Gibco rHu AOF Insulin  sourced from Biocon 1 gram A11382II
Gibco rHu AOF Insulin  sourced from Biocon 5 gram A11382IJ

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Figure 1:  Biocon rHu AOF insulin demonstrates comparable growth.  HeLa cells were passaged 3 times before starting the growth curve in CD 293 Medium.


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