The field of exosome research is rapidly expanding, with researchers from different disciplines exploring the role and biological function of these extracellular vesicles and their potential as biomarkers and drug delivery vehicles.

In this video series, Senior R&D Scientist Sasha Vlassov, Ph.D., presents short answers to typical questions about the isolation and analysis of exosomes and their molecular cargo.

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  1.Exosome的定义是什么?    2.可以用磁珠分离法来提取exosome吗?
  3.人们通常怎么提取exosome?     4.有哪些专用于exosome研究的产品?
  5.Total exosome RNA和蛋白质提取试剂盒的操作步骤是什么?     6.Total Exosome分离试剂和其它的分离技术相比有什么独特之处?
  7.这种方法得到的exosome的纯度是否接近超速离心法得到exosome的纯度?     8.Total Exosome血清分离试剂能够用于人的样品以外的其它样品吗?
  9.Total Exosome血清分离试剂能够用于血浆样品吗?