Use the guide below to help you find the right Qdot® product for your application.
Description Clone Isotype Qdot 565 Qdot 605
Qdot 655 Qdot 705 Qdot 800
Human CD2
S5.5 Mouse IgG2a


Human CD3 UCHT1 Mouse IgG2a   Q10054    

Human CD3 S4.1 Mouse IgG2a       Q10012

Human CD4 S3.5 Mouse IgG2a   Q10008   Q10007 Q10060  
Human CD8 3B5 Mouse IgG2a Q10152 Q10009   Q10055 Q10059  
Human CD10 MEM-78 Mouse IgG1   Q10153       Q10154
Human CD14 TüK4 Mouse IgG2a   Q10013   Q10056   Q10064
Human CD19
SJ25-C1 Mouse IgG1


Human CD20 HI47 Mouse IgG3       Q10305    
Human CD27 CLB-27/1 Mouse IgG2a   Q10065   Q10066    
Human CD38 HIT2 Mouse IgG1   Q10053   Q10057    
Human CD45 HI30 Mouse IgG1   Q10051   Q10155 Q10062 Q10156
Human CD45RA MEM-56 Mouse IgG2b   Q10047   Q10069    
Human CD56 MEM-188 Mouse IgG2b

Human HLA-DR TÜ36 Mouse IgG2b   Q10052        Q10063
Mouse CD3 145-2C11 Hamster IgG   Q10090        
Mouse CD4 RM4-5 Rat IgG2a

Mouse CD19
Rat IgG2a

Mouse CD45R (B220) RA3-6B2 Rat IgG2a  
Mouse IgG1 NA Mouse IgG1   Q10073  

Mouse IgG2a NA Mouse IgG2a   Q10014    Q10015  Q10076  Q10075
Mouse IgG2b NA Mouse IgG2b   Q10074  
Rat IgG2a NA Rat IgG2a

Streptavidin NA NA Q10131MP Q10101MP
Q10121MP Q10161MP Q10171MP

  • All antibodies listed in this table are for Research Use Only.
  • All antibodies and isotype controls listed available as 0.1 ml, 100 tests minimum size
  • Streptavidin conjugates are available as 200µl or 500 µl (Q10161MP) sizes

Spectral properties and recommended filters for Qdot nanocrystals

Qdot Nanocrystal Excitation (nm)* Peak Emission Recommended Filter
Qdot 565 405 (488) 565 575/26
Qdot 605 405 (488) 605 605/20
Qdot 625 405 (488) 625 625/20
Qdot 655 405 (488)† 655 655/20
Qdot 705 405 (488)† 705 720/20
Qdot 800 405 (488)† 800 787/42
* Qdot nanocrystals excite optimally in the UV and 405 nm range, but can also be excited with 488 nm lasers
† Can also be excited by 633 nm lasers