section of flow cytometry scatter plot showing both live and dead cell populations circled  

Dead cells often give false positive results, as they tend to bind non-specifically to many reagents. Therefore, removing dead cells from your flow cytometry data is a critical step to ensure accurate results and analysis. Invitrogen cell viability assays for flow cytometry help researchers distinguish live and dead cell populations more accurately than only using forward and side scatter characteristics. These products offer:

  • A broad range of color options, compatible with most instrument configurations
  • Different types of viability assays, designed to fit your experimental design

See also viability assays for fluorescence imaging and microplates

  • LIVE/DEAD Fixable Dead Cell Stain Kits
  • SYTOX Dead Cell Stains
  • Classic DNA-binding dead cell stains
  • CellTrace Calcein AM dyes
  • Membrane Integrity Viability Kits
  • Metabolic Activity Viability Kits
  • Bacterial Membrane Potential Kits
  • Membrane Integrity Yeast Viability Kit
  • Metabolic Activity Yeast Viability Kit