More Correct Calls With Higher Signal-to-Noise Ratios

Life Technologies BioPrime labeling systems enable reliable and consistent genomic DNA labeling and efficient removal of free dye and nucleotides. And because results obtained using these reagents exhibit improved signal-to-background and reduced channel bias, you can count on greater accuracy.

  Sample Type          
Platform gDNA ChiP* FFPE DNA
Input Amount
Label Master
Non-Platform Specific   5 ng–3 μg Direct AlexaFluor 3 AlexaFluor 5 (included) BioPrime Total Genomic Labeling System
18097011 -
(30 reactions, w/ purification)

18097012 -
(30 reactions, w/o purification)

18097010 -
(10 reactions, w/ purification)
  250 ng–1 μg (Bac arrays) 4 μg (cDNA arrays) Direct User’s choice (not included)   BioPrime aCGH Genomic Labeling System
18095011 -
(30 reactions, w/ purification)

18095012 -
(30 reactions, w/o purification)
    Array-dependent Direct AlexaFluor 3 AlexaFluor 5 (included)   BioPrime Total FFPE Genomic Labeling System
A10965011 -
(30 reactions, w/ purification)
* ChIP must first be performed using a kit such as the MAGnify™ Chromatin Immunoprecipitation System, Cat. No. 492024

Repetitive Sequence Blocking Reagents

Product Size Cat. No.
Human Cot-1 DNA-Fluorometric QC 1 mg
Human Cot-1 DNA-Fluorometric QC 500 μg 15279011
Mouse Cot-1 DNA 500 μg 18440016
Yeast tRNA 25 mg 15401011

Which BioPrime system is right for me?

The BioPrime Total aCGH reagents offer various configurations to allow for optimal performance on arrays based on premier enzymes, primers, dyes, and purification systems. For two-color array CGH and ChIP-on-chip experiments, we recommend the BioPrime Total Genomic Labeling system. The BioPrime Total Genomic Labeling system allows for the lowest starting input material, includes application-optimized dye-labeled nucleotides (with Alexa Fluor 3 and Alexa Fluor 5 dyes), and is the simplest, easiest-to-use kit in the product family. For researchers who wish to use other dyes, we offer BioPrime aCGH Genomic Labeling systems without dyes—this allows you to take advantage of the higher-performance enzymes and reagents in our BioPrime kits to deliver superior yield and better total dye incorporation.