QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Software is used for the analysis of data derived from the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR instrument. The software can be accessed from any web browser* upon logging in to the Life Technologies website (Figure 1). QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Cloud Software is an easy-to-use data analysis tool with an intuitive user interface that allows multiple applications such as pathogen, viral load, and copy number detection.

Analysis Modules

QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Cloud Software contains several modules for analysis of QuantStudio™ 3D chips. The absolute quantification module allows accurate, highly precise measurements of genomic targets in copies per microliter on the QuantStudio™ 3D chip (Figure 2). QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Cloud Software also allows low-fold detection comparison and ratio analysis of genomic targets as well as copy number variation using the relative quantification module.

Automated Data Transfer Choice点击查看大图
图1. Automated Data Transfer Choice
Data files can be automatically transferred to QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Software on web.
图2. AnalysisSuite™ Software Results
Results are reported in copies per reaction and copies per micoliter with confidence intervals and precision values.

Multi-Chip Projects

Multiple chips can be combined and analyzed in a single project. With wireless or LAN connectivity, QuantStudio™ 3D experiment files can be automatically uploaded to your personal QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ cloud workspace and combined into a project. Up to 100 chips can be combined into a project, with quality control features that enable you to inspect each chip individually. Data can be combined across all the chips and assessed as an absolute value or as individual data points (Figure 3). Values such as copies/μL and total number of wells are reported, as well as relevant statistics such as configurable confidence intervals and precision values.

In the relative quantification module, data from multiple chips can be combined to automatically display a scatter plot based on color of FAM and VIC events. For further quality control, the user can manually define the boundaries of these events including those wells that are undetermined and use the software to calculate a ratio of rare to wild-type events across the chips in a project (Figure 4).

图3. Examine Data Across Replicates or Combined View for Enhanced Precision
In the Absolute Quantification Module, data can be viewed across replicates and precision values are calculated per replicate. (a) The yellow bar shows precision of 13.70%, and pink bar shows precision of 15.37%. (b) Replicate data can also be combined to show an increase in precision (10.02%) and data accuracy.
图4. Relative Quantification Module
Ideal for ratio analysis or low-fold detection to perform applications such as copy number variation. For further quality control within the relative quantification module, boundaries of FAM, VIS and undetermined events can be manually defined. The software calculates a ratio across the chips in a project.

Key Product Features:

  • Easy to use - intuitive user interface optimized for a web browser*
  • Comprehensive - contains features for quality control on a per-chip basis
  • Multi-chip analysis tools - visualize fold change and biological significance with scatter plots for establishing relationships between samples on a per-plate basis
  • Secure - safely store hundreds of QuantStudio™ 3D data files in your personalized, cloud-based QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ workspace

Launch QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Cloud Software

*QuantStudio™ 3D AnalysisSuite™ Cloud Software is optimized for use on Google Chrome.