Panels for TaqMan Array Cards & Plates, and OpenArray Plates

Looking at a large set of genes in a pathway, disease, or biological process can be a great way to identify markers of interest for a given phenotype. Predefined and fixed content panels are a good option to start with; however, they do not allow substitutions for more relevant genes or specific markers of interest. To increase your assay design options, we have developed TaqMan flexible content panels.

TaqMan flexible content panels offer an easy way to select and design a combination of assays in the format that matches your experiment. You begin with a suggested list of assays for each pathway or disease state loaded into a custom configurator which allows for easy changes when needed.

TaqMan flexible content panels can be configured to one of three formats—TaqMan Array Plates, TaqMan Array Cards, or OpenArray Plates—and one of three species: human, mouse or rat.

How it works

1 Browse panels

Browse the available gene expression and genotyping panels below and click on the desired species link.

2 Select format
Select format

Select a format and then configure it to load the starting assay layout into the custom configurator.

3 Edit & confirm

Search and add in new assays, shift the layout, or update your format.

4 Order

Complete your design, log in to your online account, and order the panel.

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