The Custom TaqMan® Array Card is a 384-well microfluidic card designed to perform 384 simultaneous real-time PCR (qPCR) reactions without using liquid-handling robots or multichannel pipettors to fill the card. This format allows for 1–8 samples to be run in parallel against 12–384 TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay targets that are pre-loaded into each of the wells on the card.

  • Design a Custom TaqMan® Array Card to meet your specific need
  • Load 384 wells in less than five minutes without liquid-handling robots or multi-channel pipettors
  • Validate all of the “interesting” hits from a microarray experiment quickly and economically 
  • Standardize the screening of gene panels across many samples and laboratories

How to Order

Select the TaqMan Array Card format for your experiment, and have it pre-loaded with your selected assays in each reaction well. Choose 12–384 target assays from over 50,000 inventoried TaqMan Gene Expression Assays covering human, mouse, and rat genes. Ordering is easy with the Custom TaqMan Array Card configuration tool to help you search and select genes and assays for real-time PCR quantification.

Custom TaqMan Array Card configuration tool

Ideal screening technology

TaqMan® Array Cards are ideal for screening biomarkers and toxicology panels and for analyzing pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets. TaqMan® Array Cards provide standardized results with low variability across many users and laboratories.

Simple and Straightforward Loading

Using the TaqMan® Array Card is simple. Each card has 8 sample-loading ports which each connect to a set of 48 reaction wells. Simply pipette your sample pre-mixed with TaqMan® Universal Master Mix II into each port and centrifuge. Within minutes, your card is ready to run on an Applied Biosystems® ViiA™ 7 or 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System.

Ultimate Microarray Validation Tool

TaqMan® Array Cards are great tools for validating the 10's or 100's of “interesting” hits that come from microarray experiments because TaqMan® Array Cards can be customized to include up to 384 of those hits in one easy-to-use card. Using individual assays—even SYBR® Green Dye I-based assays—make validations of this magnitude unmanageable and expensive.