Choosing the correct first-strand gDNA synthesis kit is critical to obtaining high yields of cDNA from a wide range of input RNAs and improved RT-qPCR assays. From a value choice first-strand cDNA synthesis kit to the best performance in master mix with integrated gDNA removal, you have a choice to select the Invitrogen™ or Applied Biosystems™ cDNA synthesis kit to meet your research needs.

Which cDNA synthesis kits for RT-qPCR is right for you?

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Goal Highest performance & convenience for RT-qPCR Highest performance with effective removal of gDNA Value choice for commonly used RNA templates
Product SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix

SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix with ezDNase

High-Capacity cDNA Reverse Transcription Kit

Reverse transcriptase Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ IV SuperScript IV Invitrogen™ MultiScribe™ MuLV
Optimal reaction temp 50°C 50°C 37°C
Reaction Time
10 min 12 min (10 min for RT + 2 min gDNA removal) 120 min
Reduced RNase H activity Yes Yes No
Primers included Random primers & Oligo(dT)20 Random primers & Oligo(dT)20 Random primers
Integrated gDNA removal No Yes No
Protocol Download protocol Download protocol Download protocol

Other First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kits for RT-qPCR


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