PEPotec SRM Custom Peptide Libraries

Thermo Scientific™ PEPotec SRM Peptide Libraries provide fully synthetic, crude peptides customized for the development of mid- to high-throughput selected reaction monitoring (SRM) and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays in quantitative mass spectrometry (MS) workflows.

PEPotec SRM peptide libraries offer convenience and flexibility in the development of quantitative MS while helping accelerate biological assays by reducing setup time. These peptide libraries were developed as a result of our involvement in the SRMAtlas human proteome mapping project.

  • Convenient—peptides are provided in individual 2-D barcoded tubes in 96-tube plates
  • Application-specific—grades and optional services help you get the right peptides for your assay
  • Easy to use—standard libraries are delivered suspended in 0.1% trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in 50% (v/v) acetonitrile/water
  • Flexible—extensive list of available modifications

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Available PEPotec SRM Peptide Library grades

Grade 1
Fast and easy
Grade 2
Greater analysis
Grade 3
Maximum assurance
Quantity >100 μg
Length1 6–25 amino acids
Purity Crude (as synthesized)
Formulation1 Suspended in 0.1% TFA in 50% (v/v) acetonitrile/water
Delivery format Thermo Scientific Matrix 96-tube plates
C-terminal residue1 R or K
Counterion TFA
Quality control (QC) MS check of 5% of peptides MS check of 100% of peptides MS analysis of 100% of peptides
Peptide resynthesis2 Not provided Not provided One resynthesis provided
Failed synthesis policy You pay for entire set of peptides ordered You only pay for peptides synthesized You only pay for peptides synthesized
Included documentation Peptide amount Peptide amount Peptide amount and
MS spectra
Minimum order3 24 peptides 4 peptides 4 peptides
1Changes to the standard length restrictions, formulation and C-terminal residues are available as optional services
2Peptides not detected during MS analysis will be resynthesized (depending on the grade selected)
3Orders below 48 peptides incur a plate fee
PEPotec SRM Peptide Library optional services
Modification/service Unit size
Peptides that are 3–5 or 26–35 amino acids in length Peptide
QC: Add analytical HPLC of 100% of peptides4 Plate
QC: LC-MS of 100% of samples
Peptide lyophilization
Individually labeled tubes
4Service is limited to Grade 3 libraries. Customers will receive documentation for both MS and HPLC analysis of 100% of peptides.
PEPotec SRM Peptide optional modifications
  • Isotopic labeling at C-terminus with heavy R or K
  • Isotopic labeling at C-terminus with alternative heavy amino acid
  • Alternative light amino acid at C-terminus
  • Isotopic labeling at single internal site with heavy amino acid (A, R, I, L, K, F, P or V)
  • Phosphorylation at 1 site
  • Phosphorylation at 2 sites
  • Phosphorylation at 3 sites
  • All cysteines protected by carbamidomethylation (CAM)
  • Lysine acetylation at 1 site
  • Methionine sulfoxide
  • Methyl lysine at 1 site
  • Methyl lysine
  • Diglycine ubiquitination motif on lysine
  • 3-chlorotyrosine
  • Methyl arginine
  • Isoaspartic acid
  • Formylation
  • Hydroxyproline