We offer premium grade reagents that are high-quality formulations of selected chemical modification reagents, specially characterized for applications where product integrity and risk minimization are paramount. The current menu of reagents offered in this premium format includes several popular crosslinkers and biotinylation reagents, and a reducing agent. The reagents are ideal for research projects that require long-term, consistent performance and an extra level of troubleshooting support afforded by robust chemical characterization and documentation.

Highlights of premium grade crosslinkers and labeling reagents

  • High quality—identity and purity confirmed by several tests, including quantitative NMR
  • Product integrity—enhanced level of testing and characterization compared to standard grade
  • Lot retention—ample supply of past lots retained to help ensure future process testing
  • Change management—Change Control Notification (CCN) service
  • Consistent manufacturing—batch-specific manufacturirng documentation review

Tests and specifications for premium grade reagents compared to standard grade equivalents

We manufacture all reagents to help ensure the high levels of overall product integrity, consistency, and performance for the intended research applications. The first four tests do not apply to all reagents, but they are used equally for both grades of reagent to which they are applicable.

Test parameter Test method Premium grade Standard grade
Quantitative NMR using an internal standard
Yes Yes
Visual Color assessment Yes Yes
Solubility Sample dissolves at specified concentration in deionized water to yield a clear, colorless solution Yes Yes
Identity Infrared spectroscopy Yes Yes

Mass identity

Mass spectrometry
Yes NA
Water content Karl Fischer titration Yes NA
Trace metals Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) Yes NA

Elemental analysis
Combustion analysis (values reported for C, H, N, O, and S) Yes NA
Residual solvent analysis Headspace gas chromatography Upon request NA
Reagent classes Order premium grade products Learn more about crosslinkers
Carboxyl-to-amine crosslinkers Carboxyl-to-Amine Crosslinkers
Amine-to-amine crosslinkers Amine-to-Amine Crosslinkers
Amine-to-sulfhydryl Crosslinkers Amine-to-Sulfhydryl Crosslinkers
Biotinylation reagents
Biotinylation Reagents

Reducing agents
Reducing Agents