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SampleSorcerers help advance cancer research with the ability to finally get meaningful results from archived and degraded samples.
Bioinfomagicians analyze NGS data so much easier by helping to find the biological meaning of variants quicker than ever with pushbutton workflows.
Next-generation sequencing is easier for SeqWizards who are enabled to get more information, more cost-effectively, using simple streamlined workflows.
The power to design and run gene research panels quickly and simply enables GeneGenies to get to the variants that matter faster.



I'm a Bioinfomagician

Well, that's what everyone thinks.

Thanks to Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing solutions, I can do plenty of amazing things. It enables me to quickly and easily discover de novo mutations in my research, and follow up on relevant variants using Sanger sequencing in a streamlined workflow.

Stories from Bioinfomagicians

  • See how Dr. Vincent Funari processes next-generation sequencing data in his lab.
  • Find out how Dr. Sandra Canosa handles the challenges of next-generation sequencing data analysis.

Solutions for Bioinfomagicians

Blog posts for Bioinfomagicians

  • 16S Metagenomics and Straightforward "On-Demand" Analysis
  • ESHG: How to better prioritize human disease genes from whole exome or whole genome sequencing
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    Featured products

    Ion Reporter™ Software enables you to find the biological meaning of your research data quickly and easily. The software provides an optimized suite of simple data analysis tools that streamline Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ system data analysis across a variety of applications and with fast results from automated workflows. Secure your data using controlled access with role-based logins, locked workflows, and audit logs to help maintain a traceable and secure environment. Analyze and share data in the cloud, or analyze and store data on-site with the local Ion Reporter™ Server System.

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    Creating custom targeted resequencing panels is easy with the Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer—a free, online assay design tool that connects you directly to our assay design pipeline. Create and order custom DNA and RNA research panels by simply selecting your targets of interest, or enter your specific genomic content online and we will design and create a customized Ion AmpliSeq™ Panel just for you.

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