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Performance Benchmarking

SYBR Select Master Mix outperforms the competition with respect to:

  • Specificity — specific amplification for 100% of assays
  • Brightness — optimum brightness for high performance on most Real-Time PCR instruments
  • Sensitivity — true single copy detection as demonstrated with digital PCR
  • Dynamic range — more tolerant to high input cDNA

Exceptional Specificity

Out of 44 assays and 3 independent replicate reactions only SYBR Select Master Mix had a single peak in all the melt curves (100% specificity)


Figure 1 - Percentage of assays with Single Peak in Melt Curve

Brightness that is Just Right

SYBR Select is brighter than the majority of competitor master mixes, but not too bright to upset some Real-Time PCR instruments


Figure 2 – Average delta Rn (relative fluorescence) across 4 dilution points for PGK1 assay

Spectacular Dynamic Range and Linearity

SYBR Select produces no NTC signal and is more tolerant to high-input DNA


Single Copy Detection using dPCR and gDNA with RNaseP target