Mammalian & Insect Cell Cultures

For more information on mammalian and insect cell culture, cell type specific protocols, and additional cell culture products, refer to Mammalian Cell Culture and Insect Cell Culture portals.



Key components of cell and tissue analysis are cell viability and proliferation, cell signaling pathways, cell cycle analysis, and cell structure. Invitrogen has a broad portfolio of reagents and kits for cell and tissue analysis, including Molecular Probes Fluorescence Products and technologies as well as Dynal Bead-based Solutions for cell isolation and expansion. From antibodies and stem cell research products to benchtop instruments like the Countess Cell Counter and Qubit™ Fluorometer, Invitrogen has the tools essential for cellular analysis research.

  • For more information, refer to the Cell & Tissue Analysis portal on our website.


将 DNA、siRNA、寡核苷酸以及 RNA 转染到哺乳动物细胞内,是生物医学科研领域众多科研实践中至关重要的进步,如利用 RNAi 的基因沉默、瞬时基因表达研究、蛋白质/抗体制备以及建立稳定细胞系等。

To simplify the transfection optimization process, Invitrogen has created a transfection selection tool that provides information on recommended transfection reagents with optimized protocols for over 120 cell lines. Invitrogen 提供大量转染试剂来满足用户的特定需求。



Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available at

Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of Analysis provides detailed quality control and product qualification information for each product. Certificates of Analysis are available on our website.


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