One of the major advantages of cell culture is the ability to manipulate the physico-chemical (i.e., temperature, pH, osmotic pressure, O2 and CO2 tension) and the physiological environment (i.e., hormone and nutrient concentrations) in which the cells propagate. With the exception of temperature, the culture environment is controlled by the growth media.

While the physiological environment of the culture is not as well defined as its physico-chemical environment, a better understanding of the components of serum, the identification of the growth factors necessary for proliferation, and a better appreciation of the microenvironment of cells in culture (i.e., cell-cell interactions, diffusion of gases, interactions with the matrix) now allow the culture of certain cell lines in serum-free media.

The Culture Environment Affects Cell Growth


特定类型细胞所需的培养条件发生偏差后,可导致异常的表型乃至于细胞培养的彻底失败。 因此,我们建议您首先熟悉感兴趣的细胞系,并严格遵照实验所用各个产品的使用说明。

Factors affecting the culture environment:

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