Fluorescence Microscopy Accessories and Reference Standards—Section  23.1

  • Antifade Reagents and Mounting Media
  • Image-iT FX Signal Enhancer
  • FluoCells Prepared Microscope Slides
  • FocalCheck Fluorescent Microspheres
  • MultiSpeck, TetraSpeck and Constellation Fluorescent Microspheres
  • PS-Speck Microscope Point Source Kit
  • InSpeck Microscopy Image Intensity Calibration Kits
  • Fluorescence Reference Standards
  • Sample Chambers, Slides and Coverslips

Flow Cytometry Reference Standards—Section 23.2

  • AlignFlow Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads
  • Cell Sorting Set-Up Beads
  • AbC and ArC Bead Kits for Flow Cytometry Compensation
  • Flow Cytometry Size Calibration Kit
  • CountBright Absolute Counting Beads

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