Click chemistry: Making biodiscovery a snap
Replace cumbersome BrdU assays with the simplicity of EdU.

New Technologies

Click chemistry: Making biodiscovery a snap—Replace cumbersome BrdU assays with the simplicity of EdU

Potassium channel flux assay meets Bacmam technology—Combining sensitive FluxOR™ fluorescence detection with efficient Bacmam-mediated delivery

Qdot 625 nanocrystals and conjugates—A better, brighter red nanocrystal for immunostaining, flow cytometry, and more

Practical Applications

Nuclear receptor antibodies: A core technology—Choose from antibodies to a wide range of nuclear receptor targets

Flow cytometry: Checking vital signs—A survey of Molecular Probes viability and vitality technologies

Using Qdot nanocrystal primary antibody conjugates in flow cytometry—Tips for sample preparation and instrument setup when detecting surface antigens

Omnia kinase assay for cell lysates—Real-time kinetic activity measurements in under an hour

A no-wash indicator for high-throughput calcium detection—H1 histamine GPCR screening using Premo™ Cameleon Calcium Sensor


Journal Highlight—Getting a head start on Alzheimer's disease detection

Just Released—Highlighting our newest cell biology products and technologies

Endnote—A look at how your fellow researchers are using our products