How Luminex Technology Works

The Luminex xMAP technology is based on polystyrene or paramagnetic microspheres, or beads, that are internally dyed with red and infrared fluorophores of differing intensities. Each dyed bead is given a unique number, or bead region, allowing the differentiation of one bead from another. For Novex multiplex immunoassay kits, individual bead sets are then coated with a capture antibody qualified for one specific analyte (Figure 4). Multiple analyte-specific beads can then be combined in a single well of a 96-well microplate-format assay to detect and quantify multiple targets simultaneously, using one of the Luminex instruments for analysis. We offer multiplex assays using either polystyrene or paramagnetic beads.

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Protocol used with bead-based assays (Luminex Corporation).