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Keep consumers safe and protect your brand

Detecting physical contaminants in food, such as metal, glass, stone, plastic and bone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially when the contaminant may be as small as 1 mm in diameter. Our accurate, reliable food inspection equipment, including food metal detectors and X-ray detection systems provide the highest sensitivity so you can find virtually any metallic or non-metallic substance in your packaged food.

Controlling underfill and overfill in your packaged food helps you meet legal requirements. Our checkweighers provide accurate and reliable in-motion weighing. Protect your brand—and your profits.

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Five Needed Inspection Points During Baked Goods Production

Evolving food inspection/detection technology can help both baking and snack food companies get their products to market contamination-free and in the case of multiple-item packs, with all of the promised pieces in place. There are several points in the baked goods/snack foods production process that benefit from inspection (metal detectors, X-ray systems) and checkweighing technology.

Is X-ray Inspection of Packaged Food Safe?

X-ray inspection is one of the most effective ways to keep packaged food products safe. But some people are under the false impression that it may be a health hazard. To get a realistic perspective, here are the average doses of radiation people receive from exposure to common products/situations.

5 TIPS to Ensure Consistent Detection from Your X-ray Equipment

Follow these five simple principles of test, protect, adjust, educate and maintain to get the most value out of your food X-ray inspection systems. This will assure the highest level of food safety and the lowest downtime, false rejects, scrap and rework costs.

Shifting Preference Toward Packaged Food 

Thermo Fisher Scientific is seeing a shifting preference toward fresh versus packaged food which means a growing number of its customers (food processors) will need inspection equipment that is specifically engineered for those types of applications.

checkweighing and checkweigher ebook

A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing

Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line. That means knowing that the weight of a packaged product being shipped out the door matches the weight on the label. Do you have the right equipment for providing reliable weight control? To find out how checkweighers work, and which one will work best for you, read A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing.

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See how our new Global Versa technology can help your food company prevent giveaway, decrease maintenance costs and reduce total cost of ownership.

Learn how PASS provides a fast, confidential way to have your product inspected when you suspect contamination. 

Caribou Coffee relies on VersaWeigh CheckWeighers to help guarantee that each bag of coffee is filled to an exact weight. 

Cost-effective, HACCP-compliant, contaminant detection of metal and other foreign objects for a wide variety of food products.

Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food

Keep consumers safe, protect your brand

Do you have the right food product inspection equipment in place to keep consumers safe and protect your brand? X-ray inspection systems and metal detectors can find virtually any foreign object in your packaged food products. To find out how they work, and which one will work best for you, read
A Practical Guide to Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food.

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Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, videos, webinars and white papers for food microbiology, manufacturing and processing, beverage testing, analytical testing, and authenticity information.

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