We strive to offer industry-leading ADME/Tox products that provide physiologically relevant results, so you can make the right decisions related to your compounds. We are a team of hepatic scientists helping fellow scientists – supporting IND and NDA submissions with our products and services, and participating in the advancement of research in enzyme induction, CYP inhibition, hepatic transport, and other metabolism-related fields. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tools to support your workflow across every step.

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Accurate ADME/Tox studies start with a consistent hepatic cell culture system. Backed by more than 50 years of cell culture experience, Gibco primary hepatocytes, media, and supplements provide the stable foundation you need to confidently screen compounds for potential effects to liver function. We can help you seamlessly integrate these powerful tools into your workflow.



We offer extensive cell inventory and reagents for plated and suspension applications.



Our Gibco media and reagents provide superior growth conditions for hepatic cells.



We offer instrumentation and reagents to support various downstream applications.

Featured ADME/Tox Products

GIBCO Hepatocytes

Fresh human & animal, cryopreserved human & animal, and cell culture reagents

Toxicology Products

Assays to identify indicators of both biochemical and cellular toxicity

PCR-Based Drug Discovery Assays

Analyze drug discovery-related genes using our real-time PCR arrays

Transporter Products

GenoMembrane Transporter Vesicles and Transporter-qualified Hepatocytes

Nuclear Receptor ADME Assays

Our LanthaScreen PXR (SXR) and CAR Competitive Binding Assays contains all the reagents you need to conduct compound affinity testing


Drug Discovery & Development Support Center

Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for support related to your drug discovery experiments.

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