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Scientific Innovation: Reagents, Immunoassays and Lab Equipment for Allergy and Autoimmune Diagnostics

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Your Laboratory’s Journey Begins Here

For the past 50 years, our commitment to science has led the way to our introduction of unique pioneering assays and technologies to aid in the accurate diagnosis of disease.

From the global leader of in vitro assays for determination of allergen specific and autoimmune disease antibodies, PhadiaTM Laboratory Systems provide efficient and robust solutions to help provide results that may optimize the diagnosis of allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Acclerating innovation and enhancing productivity

Our science is our focus. Advanced technology is at the heart of everything we do, and Phadia Laboratory Systems are built on that commitment.

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Scientific Accuracy Drives our Reagent Development Process

With the prevalence of allergic diseases steadily increasing, the importance of high-quality reagents has never been greater. Based in Sweden, our facilities produce an extensive range of raw materials for ImmunoCAPTM assays including pollen, mold, mite, epithelia and food source material. For our autoimmunity assays, manufacturing of materials based largely on recombinant proteins allows greater reliability of results across the EliATM test menu.

More than 1,000 quality-control procedures ensure the purity of our products—so your laboratory can rely on the integrity of the results.

It is possible to obtain greater reliability of results across your test menu for autoimmune diseases

EliA immunoassays combine high sensitivity with exceptional specificity to consistently deliver reliable results that can be applied clinically, with confidence.

Studies show that anti-CCP2 assays, such as the EliA CCP test demonstrate fewer false positive results as compared to non-CCP2 methods.1

Offering Your Laboratory Flexibility through Scientific Innovation

Phadia Laboratory Systems offer your laboratory the capacity to run both ImmunoCAP and EliA  assays on a single instrument.*

*With the exception of PhadiaTM 1000


High-quality reagents

With more than 5 decades of experience and scientific advances, we’re continuously improving and advancing our assay technology. We provide clinical value thanks to high performance and reliable results.

  1. Bizarro N, Tonutti E, Tozzoli R, et al. Analytical and Diagnostic Characteristics of 11 2nd- and 3rd-Generation Immunoenzymatic Methods for the Detection of Antibodies to Citrullinated Proteins. Clin Chem. 2007;53:1527-1533.