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ImmunoCAP Assays

Designed to Offer Your Laboratory High Performance and Reliable Results

ImmunoCAPTM blood tests are sandwich assays, which means that our unique sponge based solid phase helps ensure binding of all relevant antibodies. This is achieved through the choice of the cellulose sponge material, providing a very large surface area allowing us to bind large amounts of antigens. 

In addition, ImmunoCAP assays offer your laboratory the ability to provide clinicians with true fully quantitative measurement and reproducibility. This benefit is possible because our assays are linear, and because the low limits of quantification.

50 years of market leadership

We pioneered the first commercially available test for allergen-specific IgE antibodies shortly after the discovery of IgE, in the early 1970s. Today’s ImmunoCAP tests are the result of 50 years of technology, chemistry and system development.

  • 1967
    First RAST Test

    The first laboratory radioallergosorbent test (RAST) for specific IgE antibodies is developed by Wide, Bennich and Johansson.

  • 1974
    First IgE Assay

    Pharmacia launches the world’s first commercial blood test for specific IgE, called Phadebas® RAST.

  • 1981
    Phadezym RAST

    Phadezym RAST (RAST with an enzymatic marker instead of a radioactive one) is introduced.

  • 1982
    1st Native Allergen

    The First Native Allergen Component is Introduced.

  • 1987
    PhARF is Established

    The Pharmacia Allergy Research Forum Award is established on the 20th anniversary of IgE to encourage progress in allergy research, especially the contributions from outstanding young researchers.

  • 1989
    ImmunoCAP Launched

    The Pharmacia CAP System introduces a new solid-phase ImmunoCAP test that greatly improved sensitivity and enabled comparable reporting across laboratories. A high binding capacity, fluoroenzyme method for measuring IgE was developed and introduced that improved research tools and diagnostics.
    Whole Allergens

  • 1999
    Allergen Components

    Understanding that the immune system can react similarly to proteins of different allergen sources gives rise to cross-reactivity. By developing specific IgE tests for individual allergenic proteins, we are able to grow increasingly precise in both the diagnosis and treatment considerations of individual patients.
    Allergen Components

  • 2009
    1st Multiplex IgE

    Advances in molecular allergology and biochip technology enables the development of a simultaneous IgE test of over 100 different allergens
    ImmunoCAP ISAC*

  • 2014
    Astounding Numbers

    By the end of year over 600 whole allergen/mixes and more than 100 tests with allergen components are available**

  • 2017
    50 Year Anniversary

    The world celebrates the 50-year anniversary of IgE. The future of IgE has many discoveries left to uncover.

*Not available for sale in all countries
**Not all tests available in all countries

ImmunoCAP blood tests include tests that cover several categories, including:

  • Cats, dogs and other furred animals
  • Food allergens
  • Grass, weed and tree pollens
  • Insects
  • Microorganisms
  • Mites
  • Tryptase
  • Venoms
Understanding allergic diseases

Understanding Allergic Diseases

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