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ImmunoCAP Rapid 

Delivering reliable results to help clinicians determine the course of care

ImmunoCAPTM Rapid* generates an IgE profile within minutes for adults and children with symptoms of wheezing and rhinitis. The procedure is simple, and results can be obtained within 20 minutes. In clinical studies, more than 95% of allergic patients studied were identified with ImmunoCAP Rapid test.1-3 In addition, there is a good correlation between positive ImmunoCAP Rapid test results and specific IgE results above 1 kUA/L measured with ImmunoCAP tests.

And it is available in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Principle of the test

ImmunoCAP Rapid is a lateral flow test. The blood sample is applied to the sample well and the separated plasma portion flows onto the test strips. IgE antibodies present in the sample, specific to any of the allergens in the test, bind to the relevant areas on the strip. 

The Developer Solution is then added to the Developer Solution well, releasing the dried gold-anti-IgE-conjugate. The conjugate forms a complex with the already bound IgE antibodies, visible as pink-red lines in the test windows.

The remaining conjugate continues to migrate, forming pink-red lines in the Control windows. The control line will appear regardless of whether the sample is positive or not, indicating that the test has performed correctly.

Assay Device

Allergens in the Assay Device

Cat (e1)


Common silver birch

Common silver birch

Timothy (g6)


Mugwort (w6)




Dog (e5)


Olive - pollen (t9)

Olive - pollen

Wall pellitory

Wall pellitory

House dust mite

House dust mite

Mold - A. alternate (m6)

Mold - A. alternate



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