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LIS and LAS Connections


Ensuring that your laboratory systems and software integrate and improve workflow

A laboratory's investment in a Laboratory Information System (LIS) is key to streamline processing and track samples and test status through the laboratory and creates connectivity within your system. To ensure you can get the most of your PhadiaTM Laboratory Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific puts great focus on ensuring that the PC based operator software unlocks the full potential of the Phadia instruments. The new Phadia Prime software offers several valuable improvements compared to the previous Phadia IDM software.

Phadia Prime Feature Phadia IDM
Yes True server/client architecture 
Yes Sample QNS 
Yes Individualize adult and pediatric
specimen processing   
Yes Enhanced LIS mainframe interfaces 
Yes True positive reflex testing 
Fully Integrated LAS integration 
Requires external hardware
Yes  Stock management Limited
Yes Phadia LabCommunity 
Enhanced Patient report customization 
Enhanced Search functionality 
Enhanced Event log Limited
Yes User role customization 

In addition to the features listed above, Phadia Prime software offers several advanced LIS capabilities, such as:

  • Support for ASTM, HL7 and DataCAP LIS mainframe interface protocol
  • Support for dual LIS channels
  • Access connection status, protocols used, name of LIS computer, import and export settings
  • Share one LIS connection for a cluster of instruments
  • Simple cluster configuration with integrated LIS server

Increase workflow efficiency with a laboratory automation system (LAS) 

Continuously improving workflow, such as through laboratory automation, is essential to the growth and development of clinical laboratories. Laboratory automation allows for integrated sample handling across various analyzers in the laboratory, and Phadia 250 and Phadia 1000 are capable of connecting to LAS from leading providers. Establishing LAS connections require agreements between Thermo Fisher Scientific and the LAS provider.


By choosing to integrate multiple instruments with an LAS, your laboratory can enhance efficiency by:


Utilizing the LAS systems’ integrated preanalytical capabilities


Reducing operator time for sample handling for ImmunoCAPTM and EliATM assays

Secondary sample

Reducing the need for aliquots and secondary sample tubes


Contact your sales representative

For more information about LIS and LAS options and connections available in your region for your Phadia Laboratory Systems