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Phadia Prime


Advanced Software and Connectivity to Enhance Your Laboratory’s Productivity

PhadiaTM Prime software represents a step forward in intuitive data management, and replaces Phadia IDM software by offering several valuable improvements. The hallmark of this state-of-the-art operator software is an improved user interface and enhanced management of large databases. Ensure access to enhanced functionality, new tests and methods with Phadia Prime. For your laboratory, these upgrades make it possible to optimize processing of ImmunoCAPTM and EliATM assays across multiple Phadia Laboratory Systems to aid in allergy and autoimmunity.

Phadia Prime Is a User-Friendly Software with Fully Integrated Performance


  • Simple touchscreen monitor, keyboard or mouse to transmit information
  • Ensures fast and secure online transfer of test results
  • Lab and patient reporting that facilitates quick data interpretation
  • Automated shelf-life control of reagents
  • User configurable reflex testing

Full Integration

  • Results management
  • QC management
  • Instrument monitoring
  • Stock management

A Range of Features to Support your Laboratory’s Work

Phadia Prime is designed to seamlessly transfer data and settings from Phadia IDM to minimize downtime when upgrading your laboratory software. Phadia Prime runs on Windows starting with version 7 and higher.


System Integration

  • Monitor connected instruments and racks in use
  • Manage configurations and settings
  • Access event log and quality information
  • Automatic database backup


Test Management

  • Centralized control and monitoring of requests
  • Manage outsourced tests
  • Test prioritization by adult/pediatric samples
  • Enhanced sample management, including quantity-not-sufficient (QNS) handling
  • Reflex testing

Stock Management

  • Real-time management of reagent inventory
  • Calculate required consumables



Result Reporting

  • Customize sample reports
  • Intuitively monitor results and generate reports
  • Extended audit trail reporting
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration


  • Communicate with Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Eliminate need for dedicated Laboratory Automation System (LAS) router


Help Function

  • Access integrated electronic manuals for 24/7 support


Test accuracy

Quality ClubTM Proficiency Testing

  • Submit Quality Club results automatically

PhadiaTM LabCommunity

  • Enable remote troubleshooting and support
  • Import new methods remotely

*Phadia Prime does not support connection of Phadia 100 instruments


Contact a sales representative

If your laboratory has been considering upgrading from Phadia IDM to Phadia Prime, we can help.