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Phadia Laboratory Systems

Highly automated testing support for allergy (ImmunoCAP) and autoimmunity (EliA) disease diagnosis

Regardless of your capacity requirements, PhadiaTM Laboratory Systems can support your needs of your laboratory. These systems are designed to help you by:

minimizing hands on time

1. Minimizing hands-on time

  • Decrease hands-on time through automated on-board dilutions and user configurable reflex testing
  • Calibrate just once a month: automatic curve controls during assay runs complement monthly calibration against the WHO reference preparation, freeing-up staff for other essential tasks
  • Advanced intuitive PhadiaTM Prime software, simplifies laboratory operations


maximize up time

2. Maximize up-time

  • Phadia LabCommunity enables remote troubleshooting and support to manage many issues without a service visit helping to maintain the high Phadia Laboratory System reliability rating
  • Local Field Application Specialists and Service Engineers provide professional training, assay support and instrument service to maximize the output of your Phadia Laboratory System



3. Optimizing cost management

  • Use of a single patient sample tube to run ImmunoCAPTM and EliATM tests in parallel and share general reagents available on board
  • Run multiple tests with shared calibration curves, making low-volume tests more cost-effective test more cost-effective Assessing accuracy and reliability
  • Phadia LabCommunity automatically submits Quality Club results to confirm accuracy and reliability of your systems’ performance



4. Providing access to scientific expertise

  • Access to technical advances developed in ImmunoCAP and EliA assays for more than 50 years
  • Manage discrepant results with support from the Application Laboratory for all EliA customers worldwide
  • Special Allergen Services (SAS) offers customers certain allergens not currently included in the list of regular allergens. Please note: SAS allergens are for research use only and produced upon request, and subject to charges according to current list price and separate written contract.


Run ImmunoCAP and EliA assays on the same system

Operational efficiency is key, that’s why Phadia Laboratory Systems are capable of running both ImmunoCAP and EliA assays.*

With the smaller Phadia 250 instrument —your laboratory can continuously load patient samples for ImmunoCAP and EliA testing and benefit from short and automated switches between the assays.

For higher volume demands, the fully-automated —Phadia 2500 and Phadia 5000 instruments—offer multiple process lines that provide your laboratory with the ability to run ImmunoCAP and EliA assays simultaneously.

*Note: Phadia 1000 instrument is an instrument dedicated to performing ImmunoCAP assays and does not run EliA assays.