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Vanessa has had eczema since she was 3 months old and digestive problems after drinking milk since she was 8 months old. Previous testing results—an ImmunoCAPTM Specific IgE (sIgE) blood test —led to the diagnosis of a milk allergy. As a result, her parents switched her to soy milk and removed all other milk products from her diet. Now Vanessa is 4 years old and recently ate ice cream at a birthday party before anyone could stop her, and although her parents braced for the worst, she had no reaction. Could Vanessa have outgrown her milk allergy?

Vanessa’s Results

The ImmunoCAPTM Allergen Components test results, together with the absence of symptoms suggest that Vanessa has outgrown her milk allergy. Her healthcare professional has Vanessa perform an oral milk challenge in her office, which Vanessa passes without any symptoms. Her family gradually re-introduces milk into her diet with no additional issues. Vanessa has outgrown her milk allergy.

Am I Allergic?

Why it’s important to know

Many people are so used to living with their allergies that they never even think should have their healthcare professional reassess their allergy. Just because you know what you were allergic to a year ago doesn’t mean you know everything you’re allergic to—or no longer allergic to—today. Since some allergies can resolve themselves—like milk—retesting can play an important role in your quality of life or the life of someone you love, by reducing unnecessary food avoidance and the fear of an adverse reaction.1 Be sure to consult with your healthcare professional.

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