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Adam & Ben

Adam and Ben are 29 year olds who are very active and love exploring the great outdoors. For the past 6 years, both Adam and Ben have suffered from recurrent, stuffy noses, sneezing, and red, itchy eyes in early spring (February through May). Tired of missing out on activities with their friends because of their symptoms, they each underwent skin-prick test (SPT) and specific lgE (sIgE) blood testing. Their test results, combined with their medical histories, led their healthcare professional to diagnose them both with grass and birch allergies. They were both told to take antihistamines and consider specific immunotherapy. To have the most effective specific immunotherapy, Adam and Ben both need to have their allergic reactions investigated in more detail.    

Adam & Ben's Results

An ImmunoCAPTM Allergen Component test results indicate that Adam has an allergy to birch pollen, while Ben is allergic to grass pollen. Their previous reactions - Adam’s to grass and Ben’s to birch- were both due to cross-reactions. Knowing which pollen components, they’re allergic to provided their healthcare professional with the ability to tailor their specific immunotherapy, providing more appropriate and effective treatment.

Am I Allergic?

Why it’s important to know

Many people are so used to living with their symptoms that they’ve never considered asking for help. Knowing what’s causing your symptoms can help you achieve relief now, and avoid more serious issues in the future. Be sure to consult with your healthcare professional.

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