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After Allergy Diagnosis

Understanding Your Allergy Diagnosis

You've been diagnosed with allergies. What now? You might be faced with a range of obstacles to overcome and choices to make. Maybe you’ve had different types of allergy tests and aren't sure what the results mean. Or maybe you just need help understanding your allergy diagnosis in the context of daily life: eliminating allergy triggers from your home, managing school experiences, or even grocery shopping. Well, you've come to the right place.

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Mother and daughter mixing eggs and milk to make baked goods | After allergy diagnosis

Are you ready to learn more about your specific allergens?

Whether you are allergic to milk, peanuts, birch trees, or other allergens, we have you covered. Learn more about your allergens and the diagnostic tests that are used to better characterize your specific allergy.

Living with Allergies

Having an allergy diagnosis doesn't mean your journey has to end. If anything, it's just beginning. We've got the patient stories, evidence-based content, and access to allergy industry experts to help you stay informed and in control.


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Be an Empowered Patient


Your healthcare provider is your ally for getting you the best allergy care possible, but you also have to advocate for yourself. How? By staying informed of the latest research on allergy diagnostics to help facilitate informed discussions with your healthcare provider.

We're in this together.

Explore the Latest Guidelines and Recommendations

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Food Allergy
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Ask the Expert

Your office visit is over, but you have so many questions you didn't think to ask. We've all been there—and we've got the answers. We asked Dr. Lakiea Wright, a board-certified internist, allergist, and immunologist for answers to the most commonly asked questions about allergies.

Allergy expert Dr. Lakiea Wright