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We are all #ThatKid.

To amplify the voices of people whose daily lives are affected by allergies and invisible disease, we created the #ThatKid initiative. Our hope is to bring awareness to these important conditions through powerful, real-life stories, shared by people just like you.

My son has food allergies. Yours might have autism, diabetes, or struggle with anxiety, depression, or bullying. We can work together to make sure that all our kids are safe and included.

What is Allergy Insider?

Our mission is to deliver evidence-based education about allergies and allergic disease. We believe that people who understand their condition can not only better manage their disease and prevent adverse outcomes, but also live happier, healthier lives.

Is #ThatKid Just About Kids with Allergies?

The goals of the #ThatKid campaign are to promote understanding, empower patients through education, and help build a support network for the people with allergic disease.  That said, the campaign is not just for people with allergies. #ThatKid is about starting out with a diagnosis or a label but growing beyond that label so that a condition does not define you.

Patient Stories

Empowering and inspiring #ThatKid stories

Maria’s Story: Food Allergies and Parent Advocacy

As a parent of two children with food allergies, Maria is very familiar with the anxiety that living with food allergies can cause. Watch Maria's story to see how she learned to become an advocate for her children to keep them safe and ensure they receive the best medical care.  

Kortney’s Story: Lifelong Allergies and Taking Control

Kortney was diagnosed with allergies, asthma, and eczema as a child. She shares the lessons she’s learned over the years that have helped her take control of her symptoms and conditions. 

Brian’s Story: Anaphylaxis and a Lifelong Mission

Brian lost his son BJ to an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. He talks about that experience and his decision to make educating others about food allergies his life mission. He hopes no one else has to go through what his family went through. 

More #ThatKid Videos

As a part of our #ThatKid Campaign, Allergy Insider is proud to support the Elijah-Alavi Foundation, Inc. a not-for-profit organization that provides asthma awareness and food allergy training. Watch the video to learn more about the organization’s mission.

As part of our #ThatKid campaign, Allergy Insider is proud to support the Food Equality Initiative, Inc. We sat down with Emily Brown, Founder and CEO of the Food Equality Initiative, and Dr. Lakiea Wright, board-certified allergist and immunologist, to discuss Food Insecurity and Allergies— Addressing the Stigma During Challenging Times. Watch the video to learn more about the organization's mission and how you can help.

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