We offer a range of reverse transcriptase (RT) enzymes, optimized to generate cDNA for a variety of research needs. RevertAid RT is genetically modified M-MuLV RT and offers routine performance. Maxima RT was developed by in vitro evolution of M-MuLV enzyme for superior performance in cDNA synthesis.

Thermo Scientific™ reverse transcriptase enzyme selection table

  Routine performance Enhanced performance
  RevertAid H Minus Reverse Transcriptase RevertAid Reverse Transcriptase Maxima H Minus Reverse Transcriptase Maxima Reverse Transcriptase
Optimal reaction temperature 42-45°C 42°C 50-55°C 50-55°C
Active up to 55°C 50°C 65°C 65°C
Reading length up to 13 kb 13 kb 20 kb 20 kb
RNase H activity No Yes No Yes
Sensitivity (total RNA) 0.1 ng 0.1 ng 1 pg 1 pg
Reaction time 60 min 60 min 15-30 min 15-30 min

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