Resolve your tough proteomics experiments

Resolve your tough proteomics experiments

Need to resolve hundreds or even thousands of peptides in your proteomics experiment? Thermo Scientific™ reversed phase peptide columns are extremely efficient in providing the resolution you need. Use the ion exchange columns if you are analyzing charged peptides.

Popular reversed phase peptide columns

Acclaim™ PepMap™ 300 C18 LC Columns

EASY-Spray™ C18 LC Columns

Accucore™ 150 C18 LC Columns

Reversed phase peptide columns


Recommended Application

EASY-Spray™ C18 LC Columns Nano LC-MS proteomics applications. Unique plug-and-spray columns provide optimized, state-of-the-art performance, and ease of use.
EASY-Column™ Capillary Columns Separations using any nanoscale LC, LC-MS system. Columns provide excellent chromatographic performance.
Acclaim™ PepMap™ 300 C18 LC Columns High-resolution, high-sensitivity protein identification in proteomics and biomarker discovery and verification.
Acclaim™ PepMap™ 100 C8 LC Columns High resolution separation of very hydrophobic peptides. Columns are an excellent alternative to the Acclaim PepMap C18 columns.
Acclaim™ 300 C18
LC Columns
High resolution peptide mapping and protein separations.
Acclaim™ PepMap™ 100 C18 LC Columns Analysis of low abundant peptides in complex proteomics samples.
Accucore™ 150 C18 LC Columns Increased peptide identifications. Columns' higher peak capacities provide narrow peak widths and excellent retention time reproducibility.
PepSwift™ Monolithic Capillary LC Columns Fast, high-resolution LC-MS separations in protein identification, biomarker discovery, and systems biology applications.
BioBasic™ 18 LC Columns Separation of small to medium peptides.
BioBasic™ 8 LC Columns Separation of a wide range of peptides.

Ion exchange peptide columns


Recommended Application

Micro SCX LC Columns High resolution, high efficiency separation of charged protein samples

SMART Digest Workflow
Add protein sample to SMART Digest tube – Incubate and shake SMART Digest tube – Thermo Scientific™ SOLAµ™ SPE or centrifuge/filter (optional) – Analyze your sample
  • Significantly faster than in-solutions digestion
  • Significantly increased reproducibility and sensitivity
  • High throughput processing
  • Simple process

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