Comparison Chart

The improvements in the Identifiler® Plus Kit formulation allow for more rapid amplification—eliminating approximately 1 hour from the amplification step, when compared to the current Identifiler® Kit. In addition, the Identifiler® Plus Master Mix includes the Taq polymerase, which eliminates 2 tubes and an extra box from the kit packaging, and enables streamlined reaction setup.

None of the formulation enhancements included in the Identifiler® Plus Kit have required modifications to the Identifiler® Kit's allelic ladder or 5-dye configuration. This configuration allows for optimal locus spacing and amplicon size ranges no greater than 360bp, enabling better data recovery from degraded samples as compared to other multiplex systems with significantly larger amplicon size ranges. For heavily degraded samples, the MiniFiler™ Kit has been designed to work in conjunction with the Identifiler® Plus Kit, utilizing miniSTR technology to help maximize recovery of information.

In addition, the Identifiler® Plus Kit maintains primer sequences to enable genotyping concordance for samples previously typed using the Identifiler®, Identifiler® Direct, Profiler Plus®, COfiler® or SGM Plus® Kits, and facilitate comparison with existing DNA databases.