Easy-to-use, efficient embedding supplies to streamline your workflow

Embed with confidence by utilizing high quality Thermo Scientific™ embedding supplies. 

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Shandon™ Para-Release™ Spray


Shandon™ Disposable Base Molds

Shandon™ Stainless-Steel Base Molds

A complete line of embedding tools, equipment, and accessories.

Quickly and efficiently mount slides with Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb waxing and embedding media for slide mounting.

Minimize broken and damaged tissue blocks by using Thermo Scientific™ base mold release products. 

Find the right molds to fit your workflow in our selection of Thermo Scientific™ stainless steel or disposable base molds, available in multiple sizes.  

Meet the demanding and diverse needs of the laboratory with Thermo Scientific™ paraffin. 

Comfortably and efficiently embed routine tissue samples into paraffin blocks for microtome sectioning.