Covalent Affinity Binding

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Available in affinity and covalent binding surfaces, our plates and modules reduce variability in molecular orientation and reduce the amount of reagents used in your experiments.

Featured covalent affinity binding categories

Our range of affinity capture surfaces—from streptavidin to nickel chelate—offer a range of capabilities. Their highly specific binding surfaces reduce variability in molecular orientation, improve signal-to-noise ratios, and can be exploited to immobilize a wide range of biomolecules.

Solid Phase Guide

Whatever the format chosen, there are a number of choices to be made about the best type of surface for the application. The choice will depend on the assay component to be immobilized. Our solid phase guide is an introduction to solid phase techniques, including:

  • Solid phase formats and surfaces
  • Parameters affection coating
  • Assay conditions for ELISA
  • Immobilization of DNA

Solid Phase Guide 

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