Allergy and Autoimmune Instruments

Phadia Laboratory Systems—your platform for diagnostic success

Designed to deliver accurate and reproducible test results in both allergy and autoimmunity diagnostics, Phadia™ Laboratory Systems are fully automated systems that help in the diagnosis of diseases. 

Through the fully automated Phadia Laboratory System you can increase your operational efficiency and shorten the lead times, whether being a small local clinic or a large commercial laboratory.

By choosing Phadia Laboratory Systems you will tap into all the technological advantages we offer as the global leader in allergy and autoimmunity diagnostics.

A family to grow with

The family of Phadia instruments has the capacity to process single samples up to 40,000 tests per day. As your business grows simply add Phadia instruments to your existing system to meet the new demands in a seamless way. The unique Phadia Information Data Manager (IDM) software allows integration of several Phadia instruments into one network using the same software.

Immunoassay analyzers