Satellite symposium invitation. Multi-platform testing in the diagnostic lab of the future

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Multi-platform testing in the diagnostic laboratory of the future programme

Hundreds of trusted diagnostic solutions, one trusted brand
Dr. Alex Raeber
Prionics (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Zurich—Switzerland

Multi-serology and biomarkers—new technologies in laboratory diagnostics of infectious diseases
Dr. Tilman Kühn
Vaxxinova Diagnostics, Leipzig—Germany

Internal verification of commercially available PRRSV and BVDV real-time RT-PCR Kits for routine diagnosis
Dr. Sandra Revilla Fernández
Institute for Veterinary Disease Control, Mödling
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES)—Austria

Date: Monday 13th of October 2014
Time: 13:00–14:00
Location: Galileo Room (ground floor—follow the Prionics floor stickers)

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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