Thickness and Weight Measurement Systems for Moving Web

Efficient, cost-effective manufacturing

Meet stringent customer specifications and guarantee the performance of your materials while minimizing raw material waste. Thermo Scientific™ web gauges provide efficient production of uniform, reliable, functional products. We offer a wide range of online, noncontact basis weight or thickness measurement gauges for flat-sheet applications in the plastics, rubber, and textiles industries that meet the tightest specifications in the most challenging measurement environments.

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Featured moving web measurement products
21Plus! Measurement and Control Systems

21Plus! Systems consist of up to 10 scanners with up to 4 sensors for advanced process control and high flexibility. The following systems are available:

IPlus! Measurement and Control Systems

The IPlus! measures basis weight, direct thickness, or moisture weight using a single scanner and sensor. The following systems are available:

Get accurate thickness and moisture data, improve productivity, and precisely control raw materials use with the Thermo Scientific PROSIS™ Infrared Process Analysis Thickness Sensor, a full-spectrum infrared sensor for web producing applications.

Save raw materials, improve yields, and produce higher quality products with the Thermo Scientific Beta Plus™ basis weight transmission sensors for extrusion coating, nonwovens, roofing, and building products.

Gain greater process control, improved quality, and increased productivity with accurate and reliable measurement of your materials using direct thickness gauges.

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