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Powerful, easy-to-use solutions for routine and research trace elemental analysis. Thermo Scientific trace elemental analysis instruments deliver quality, reproducible data from any sample type. With a streamlined and intuitive interface, our innovative solutions make it easy for operators at any experience level to analyze samples to meet even the strictest regulations and legislation. So you can have total confidence in your results.

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Simple, automated, robust and reliable single element analysis by flame or/and graphite furnace AAS. Enabling analyzes of the most challenging samples without compromising performance.

Dedicated ICP-MS solutions for trace elemental analysis for both high throughput monitoring of elemental contaminants and cutting edge ultra-trace analysis. Comprehensive interference removal using both single and triple quadrupole technology with unique ease of use.

Powerful multi-element performance for routine and research applications with the flexibility to analyze the most challenging sample matrices. The instrument combines advanced performance with high productivity and ease of use, resulting in consistently reliable data, while ensuring compliance with global regulations and standards.

Configurable analyzers dedicated to reliable, high speed and accurate quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen.

Direct analysis from sub-ppb to % level: Complete elemental and isotopic characterization spectrometers for high-purity conductive and semi-conductive materials.

An intuitive, user-friendly platform software, designed to simplify workflows and maximize efficiency. Enable easy rotation of lab technicians, with this common software solution.

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SQ-ICP-MS, TQ-ICP-MS or HR-ICP-MS - an easy guide to finding your perfect solution!

  • Automated selection of wavelengths suited to your analysis
  • Integrated plasma optimization
  • Method development in less than 20 minutes