Lab Automation System Accessories

Automated solutions for high performance and scalability

Our lab automation products provide reliable, flexible, and scalable automation solutions for virtually any laboratory application. The wide range of Thermo Scientific accessories, including modular lab tables, microplate carousels, and microplate delidders, increases robotic efficiency and saves time—all while reducing your lab's footprint.

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Microscan MS-3 Barcode Reader and Stand

Platefeeder Carousel

Regrip Turntable

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Thermo Scientific Dimension4 Modular Lab Tables provide a stable, flexible, and highly scalable mounting platform for automated lab workstations and systems. 

The small footprint, robot-accessible Thermo Scientific Microplate Carousel provides random access for up to 200 microplates or 104 deep-well microplates.

The Thermo Scientific Microplate Delidder automates the removal, storage, and replacement of lids on microplates.

Momentum Laboratory Automation Workflow Software

Momentum keeps revolutionizing your laboratory's workflow. Its unique design is highly adaptive to complex real-time conditions. The easy-to-use visual environment allows for advanced decision-making, as well as for monitoring multiple workflows and integrating offline processes.

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Spinnaker robot with integrated vision

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