Despite our diligent efforts, a small number of items in our web site may be incorrectly priced. Rest assured that we will verify all prices as part of our shipping procedures and provide you with correct pricing in your order confirmations. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience you might experience. Thank you.
Invitrogen reserves all rights to correct any errors in the online system prior to shipping and billing. If you suspect an error in pricing, please contact our Customer Service Department.

U.S. Special Shipping Conditions and Fees

We use air freight and surface carriers to ensure prompt and cost-effective delivery of your order. If you require other arrangements, tell us when placing your order. We ship at room temperature or on dry ice, gel ice, or wet ice, as detailed in the product descriptions. Some Invitrogen products may present flammable, corrosive, acute and chronic, toxic, reactive, or other hazards and may require special handling for safe delivery. These products are labeled accordingly, and may carry an additional handling fee. A $15.00 charge per order will be added to your invoice for nonstandard and all sera shipments.

Certain Invitrogen instruments such SKU 762000, EI8600, IB1001, IS10000, Q32857, S37102, ZP10001 and/or ZP 10002 carry a delivery premium. These products will be assessed an additional Instrument Delivery fee. The list of Instruments which carry this fee includes, but is not limited to SKU 762000, EI8600, IB1001, IS10000, Q32857, S37102, ZP10001 and/or ZP 10002. Instrument shipping fees range from $32 to $450. All Special Shipping fees are subject to change without advance notice. Fees published above represent standard fees which are applicable to shipments within the United States. Customers outside the United States should contact their Customer Service Representative for information on any applicable special shipping fee.