CellInsight CX7 High Content Analysis Platform

Offers an integrated way to develop and automate high-content assays

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Easy-to-use, one-step enzymatic clean-up

KingFisher Magnetic particle processors & tools for nucleic acid isolation

Optimize and automate nucleic acid purification workflows

QuantStudio 3 and 5 Real-Time PCR Systems

Real-time PCR systems designed with your future in mind

PowerUp SYBR Universal Master Mix

Formulated for maximum specificity and reproducibility

Superclonal secondary antibodies

An antibody designed to eliminate cross-reactivity and background in secondary antibody detection

CaptureSelect C1-inhibitor Affinity Matrix

Efficient purification of C1 esterase inhibitor with high yields and retained activity

CaptureSelect Pre-packed Column C-tag

Purifies C-terminal tagged proteins with high affinity and selectivity

POROS CaptureSelect IgM Affinity Matrix

Intended for the purification of human IgM, with no binding to other immunoglobulins

CaptureSelect Pre-packed Column C-tag

Combines unique selectivity for a small 4-amino acid peptide tag

POROS CaptureSelect IgM Affinity Matrix

Efficient purification of IgM with high yields and retained activity

Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer

Powerful, flexible flow cytometer

Exosome-depleted FBS

Streamlines and standardizes cell culture workflows for exosome research

Essential 8 Flex Medium Kit

Xeno-free and feeder-free medium that supports the culture of pluripotent stem cells

Essential 8 Media System

Gibco Essential 8 Medium is the most defined and consistent stem cell culture system

≥90% depletion of exosomes with new Gibco Exosome-Depleted FBS

An ultrapure FBS that provides the highest level of exosome depletion

Invitrogen Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase

A hot-start enzyme trusted by researchers for robust, reliable amplification

Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit

Rapid on-demand aneuploidy screening, right on your benchtop

CaptureSelect hGH Ligand Leakage ELISA Kit

Designed to minimize interference and provide accurate quantitation

QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System

Comprehensive real-time PCR platform that features the best of Applied Biosystems real-time technology

Ion ReproSeq PGS 314 Kit

Allow for rapid, affordable screening of aneuploidy in all 24 chromosomes

POROS GoPure MabCapture A Select Pre-Packed Column

Improve facility turnaround time by eliminating column qualification testing

Platinum Taq Green Hot Start DNA Polymerase

Provides Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase with a 10X Green PCR Buffer

Platinum Hot Start PCR 2X Master Mix

High specificity and increased yields with antibody-mediated hot-start PCR

QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System Package

Includes everything required to start a digital PCR experiment

HepExtend Media Kit

Offers maximum cell viability and cell health when culturing primary plateable hepatocytes

QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR Master Mix v2

Optimized for use with the QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System

QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR Reagent Kit

A kit that's fully compatible with all QuantStudio 3D digital PCR instrument hardware and software

Optimal CRISPR design at the touch of a finger

Use our CRISPR guide RNA (gRNA) in silico tool to find the optimal CRISPR sequence for your genome editing goals

EVOS Onstage Vessel Holder

Accommodates one 35 mm dish and holds it firmly against a gasket

EVOS FL Auto Calibration Slide

Used to calibrate three parameters of the system: field of view, parfocality, and parcentration

QuantStudio 3D Extended Arm Wi-Fi Adapter

Upgrade your wireless-enabled QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR Instrument with this USB Wi-Fi adapter

Ion AmpliSeq Kit for Chef DL8

Designed for use with the Ion Chef System for automation of Ion AmpliSeq library construction

EVOS Onstage Vessel Holder

Onstage vessel holders allow a perfect fit of your micro-well plates

EVOS Onstage Vessel Holder

This holder accommodates two Nunc Lab-Tek or Lab-Tek-II coverglass chamber slides

ExpiCHO Expression System Kit

Combines the power of rapid, ultra–high-yield transient protein production in suspension culture with the benefit of expression in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells

ExpiCHO-S Cells

Allow you to attain yields of up to 3 g of protein per L of transfected culture as part of the ExpiCHO expression system

ExpiCHO Expression Medium

Supports growth of suspension CHO cultures to densities of over 2 x 107 cells per mL, with >95% cell viability

ExpiFectamine CHO Transfection Kit

For transient transfection of high-density cultures of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells

384-Well 10-Dye Spectral Calibration Kit

This easy-to-use dye calibration kit establishes the pure dye spectra and multicomponent values

384-Well Spectral Calibration Plate

Enables simultaneous multiple dye calibrations in one plate, significantly reducing effort and time required for dye calibration

OpenArray Plate Press 2.0

Used to align and seal the QuantStudio OpenArray plate case and lid after sample loading

PureLink Microbiome DNA Purification Kit

Uses proven PureLink spin column technology for robust yields of purified DNA ready for downstream PCR, sequencing, or other applications

MagMAX Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit

Designed for enrichment of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and optimized for use with biological samples such as serum and plasma


L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is required for cell culture


A recombinant human protein that provides a defined surface for feeder-free culture of human pluripotent stem cells

Essential 8 Adaptation Kit

Transition cells between feeder-dependent and feeder-free culture systems with minimal effort

Tokai Hit Heating Plate

Provides a fast, precise, and convenient system to maintain the temperature on the microscope stage of EVOS FL and XL imaging systems

GeneArt CRISPR Cas9 mRNA

Formulated using a new manufacturing process to achieve superior quality and improved product performance

GeneArt Precision gRNA Synthesis Kit

Fast assembly and synthesis of any gRNA target in as little as four hours, including template assembly

GeneArt Platinum Cas9 Nuclease

Streamline cell engineering by eliminating transcription and translation in the cell

Anza 5-pk Starter Kit

Includes the 5 common restriction enzymes, 2 DNA modifying enzymes, and buffers

Anza 10-pk Starter Kit

Includes the 10 common restriction enzymes, 2 DNA modifying enzymes, and buffers

Anza Restriction Enzyme Cloning System

One conductor, a symphony of enzymes

Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY S5 Kit 1x8

Allows for rapid sequencing of key exonic regions of the genome, going from DNA to variants in just 2 days

Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY S5 Kit 4x2

A fast and simple method of exome enrichment, with oligo pools for ultra-high multiplex PCR exome enrichment dried down in 96-well plates

Ion S5™ XL System

Leverages the speed of semiconductor sequencing with impressive computing power found both on-board and in the included Torrent Server

Ion S5™ System

Leverages the speed of semiconductor sequencing with impressive on-board computing power

MicrobeBridge™ Software

Seamlessly connects Sanger results to the CDC

*Regulatory requirements vary by country; products may not be available in your geographic area.