Browse our broad primary antibody portfolio - 200,000 antibodies and growing.

We offer a large portfolio of high-quality Invitrogen primary antibodies that bind target proteins or other relevant antigens specifically and sensitively. These antibodies are useful across various applications including western blot, immunohistochemistry, ELISA, and immunocytochemistry. We offer significant choices for each target; recombinant or traditional monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, and various host options such as rabbit, mouse, goat, rat, or chicken. With greater than 90% coverage of the human proteome, find the antibody that meets your needs.

Commitment to antibody specificity and reproducibility

Antibodies are some of the most critical research reagents used in the lab. Poor specificity or application performance can significantly hinder your ability to obtain good results, which can cause critical delays.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is working to redefine antibody performance standards with a comprehensive approach to how antibodies are evaluated and validated.* Specificity testing is combined with extensive application validation data to provide confidence that our high-quality Invitrogen antibodies will help enable superior performance in your research.

Standard antibody validation

Testing to help ensure the antibody works in a particular application(s) of interest, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Western blotting
  • IHC
  • ICC and IF
  • Flow cytometry
  • ChIP
  • IP

Advanced verification

Testing to help ensure the antibody specifically binds the correct target in the application(s) of interest, which may include:

  • Knockout
  • Knockdown
  • Independent antibody validation
  • Cell treatment
  • Relative expression
  • Neutralization
  • Peptide array
  • SNAP-ChIP® validation
  • Immunoprecipitation-mass spectrometry (IP-MS)

Spotlight—Thermo Fisher is the leading antibody supplier offering the most antibodies with advanced specificity validation.*

According to a 2022 analysis of supplier antibody validation by CiteAb, Thermo Fisher leads the industry with over 11,000 antibodies with enhanced specificity validation.

Antibody specificity validation remains a top concern for researchers and at Thermo Fisher, antibody reproducibility is something we take seriously. In addition to our high standards for manufacturing, we are working to validate these critical research reagents across multiple applications. We believe it is critical to show specificity beyond just a single method, such as CRISPR gene knockouts in western blotting. Over time, we have implemented multiple specificity tests so that researchers can trust our antibodies in relevant applications.

Learn more and review the findings at CiteAb is an independent data company with comprehensive coverage of RUO antibody reagent and publication data.

Advanced verification icon

You can easily identify antibodies that have already undergone this additional testing with the advanced verification badge. This badge can be found in antibody search results and on appropriate antibody product webpages. The additional data supporting the advanced verification status can be found in the product specific data image galleries.

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Portfolio highlights

Four color tissue staining by fluorescent immunohistochemistry with cell localization identified via protein target.

Epitope Tag Antibodies

Epitope Tag Antibodies provide a method to localize gene products in a variety of cell types. We offer a wide selection of primary antibodies specific to epitope and affinity tags, fluorescent dyes, and fusion proteins.

Three color fluorescent cell staining showing nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane.

Organelle Marker Antibodies

Organelle Marker Antibodies can help elucidate the subcellular location of your target of interest. Browse high quality antibodies to elevate your research.

Complementary products and services

Browse reagents, instruments and workflows to make the most of your antibodies. Create publication worthy images with our EVOS or iBright systems. Optimize your ICC/IHC with our cell analysis tools, including dyes and reagents for fluorescent imaging. Use our industry leading proteomics tools, including gels, ladders, and buffers for high-quality western blots.

EVOS M700 imaging system product photo.

EVOS Cell Imaging Systems

EVOS imaging systems incorporate high-resolution cameras, bright and digitally controlled LED light sources, and intuitive software to help you capture stunning, publication-quality images in just a few clicks.


iBright Imaging Systems product photo.

iBright Imaging Systems

The iBright Imaging Systems offer up to five imaging modes to support your multiple application requirements. Efficiently and easily capture data from protein gels, nucleic acid gels, chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent western blots, and more.


Fluorescent tissue image, displaying four color staining.

Cell Analysis

We offer a broad range of cell analysis research solutions including Gibco cell culture media and reagents, Invitrogen labeling and detection technologies, antibodies and immunoassays, Invitrogen EVOS cell imaging systems, Invitrogen Countess 3/3FL Automated Cell Counters, and the Invitrogen Attune acoustic focusing flow cytometers.

Multiplex western blot image showing 3 color staining of 3 protein targets with red, green and blue staining.

Protein Biology

Learn about protein analysis techniques and find the research tools and reagents you need from our vast portfolio of products.

* The use or any variation of the word “validation” refers only to research use antibodies that were subject to functional testing to confirm that the antibody can be used with the research techniques indicated. It does not ensure that the product(s) was validated for clinical or diagnostic use.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.