We changed the Thermo Scientific FastDigest enzymes naming convention. All FastDigest enzymes are now referenced by the enzyme’s correct scientific name, defined by the bacterial strain from which it was isolated. Going forward, the names of isoschizomers will no longer be used. 

Enzymes impacted by this change are listed in the table below.  The product pages of these enzymes reflect the name change.

While all product documentation has been updated, some products may ship with the old name on the label and old documentation.  However, all information available on our web site has been updated with new information.  We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to contact our product support teams with any questions or concerns you might have.

Most importantly we can assure you that there are no changes to manufacturing, availability, or product performance.

Cat. No. Old Name New Name
FD1484 FastDigest AccI (XmiI) FastDigest XmiI
FD1794 FastDigest AciI (SsiI) FastDigest SsiI
FD0944 FastDigest AclI (Psp1406I) FastDigest Psp1406I
FD0344 FastDigest AcuI (Eco57I) FastDigest Eco57I
FD0324 FastDigest AfeI (Eco47III) FastDigest Eco47III
FD0834 FastDigest AflII (BspTI) FastDigest BspTI
FD1464 FastDigest AgeI (BshTI) FastDigest BshTI
FD1634 FastDigest AleI (OliI) FastDigest OliI
FD1394 FastDigest AlwNI (CaiI) FastDigest CaiI
FD0044 FastDigest ApaLI (Alw44I) FastDigest Alw44I
FD1894 FastDigest AscI (SgsI) FastDigest SgsI
FD0914 FastDigest AseI (VspI) FastDigest VspI
FD2094 FastDigest AsiSI (SfaAI) FastDigest SfaAI
FD0384 FastDigest AvaI (Eco88I) FastDigest Eco88I
FD0314 FastDigest AvaII (Eco47I) FastDigest Eco47I
FD1564 FastDigest AvrII (XmaJI) FastDigest XmaJI
FD1004 FastDigest BanI (BshNI) FastDigest BshNI
FD1014 FastDigest BbsI (BpiI) FastDigest BpiI
FD2074 FastDigest BbvI (Lsp1109I) FastDigest Lsp1109I
FD1764 FastDigest BfaI (FspBI) FastDigest FspBI
FD0094 FastDigest BlpI (Bpu1102I) FastDigest Bpu1102I
FD1444 FastDigest Bme1580I (BseSI) FastDigest BseSI
FD2044 FastDigest BmtI (BspOI) FastDigest BspOI
FD0464 FastDigest BpmI (GsuI) FastDigest GsuI
FD1974 FastDigest BsaAI (Ppu21I) FastDigest Ppu21I
FD1714 FastDigest BsaBI (BseJI) FastDigest BseJI
FD0474 FastDigest BsaHI (Hin1I) FastDigest Hin1I
FD1084 FastDigest BsaJI (BseDI) FastDigest BseDI
FD0894 FastDigest BsiEI (Bsh1285I) FastDigest Bsh1285I
FD0854 FastDigest BsiWI (Pfl23II) FastDigest Pfl23II
FD1204 FastDigest BslI (BseLI) FastDigest BseLI
FD0454 FastDigest BsmBI (Esp3I) FastDigest Esp3I
FD1814 FastDigest BsmFI (FaqI) FastDigest FaqI
FD0654 FastDigest Bsp1286I (SduI) FastDigest SduI
FD1404 FastDigest BspCNI (BseMII) FastDigest BseMII
FD1284 FastDigest BspHI (PagI) FastDigest PagI
FD1744 FastDigest BspMI (BveI) FastDigest BveI
FD1274 FastDigest BsrBI (MbiI) FastDigest MbiI
FD1264 FastDigest BsrDI (BseMI) FastDigest BseMI
FD0184 FastDigest BsrFI (Cfr10I) FastDigest Cfr10I
FD2134 FastDigest BssHII (PteI) FastDigest PteI
FD0704 FastDigest BstZ17I (Bst1107I) FastDigest Bst1107I
FD0374 FastDigest Bsu36I (Eco81I) FastDigest Eco81I
FD0143/4 FastDigest ClaI (Bsu15I) FastDigest Bsu15I
FD1884 FastDigest DdeI (HpyF3I) FastDigest HpyF3I
FD1234 FastDigest DraIII (AdeI) FastDigest AdeI
FD1724 FastDigest DrdI (AasI) FastDigest AasI
FD0334 FastDigest EagI (Eco52I) FastDigest Eco52I
FD0234 FastDigest EarI (Eam1104I) FastDigest Eam1104I
FD1304 FastDigest EcoNI (XagI) FastDigest XagI
FD0303/4 FastDigest EcoRV (Eco32I) FastDigest Eco32I
FD1644 FastDigest Fnu4HI (SatI) FastDigest SatI
FD1224 FastDigest FspI (NsbI) FastDigest NsbI
FD2184 FastDigest HaeII (BfoI) FastDigest BfoI
FD0154 FastDigest HaeIII (BsuRI) FastDigest BsuRI
FD1904 FastDigest HgaI (CseI) FastDigest CseI
FD0484 FastDigest HinP1I (Hin6I) FastDigest Hin6I
FD1034 FastDigest HpaI (KspAI) FastDigest KspAI
FD0753/4 FastDigest MfeI (MunI) FastDigest MunI
FD1374 FastDigest MlyI (SchI) FastDigest SchI
FD1214 FastDigest MscI (MlsI) FastDigest MlsI
FD2174 FastDigest MseI (SaqAI) FastDigest SaqAI
FD2004 FastDigest MslI (RseI) FastDigest RseI
FD1524 FastDigest NaeI (PdiI) FastDigest PdiI
FD0064 FastDigest NciI (BcnI) FastDigest BcnI
FD1834 FastDigest NlaIII (Hin1II) FastDigest Hin1II
FD1154 FastDigest NlaIV (BspLI) FastDigest BspLI
FD2154 FastDigest NruI (RruI) FastDigest RruI
FD0734 FastDigest NsiI (Mph1103I) FastDigest Mph1103I
FD1474 FastDigest NspI (XceI) FastDigest XceI
FD0714 FastDigest PflMI (Van91I) FastDigest Van91I
FD0364 FastDigest PmlI (Eco72I) FastDigest Eco72I
FD0764 FastDigest PpuMI (Psp5II) FastDigest Psp5II
FD1434 FastDigest PshAI (BoxI) FastDigest BoxI
FD2064 FastDigest PsiI (AanI) FastDigest AanI
FD0744 FastDigest RsrII (CpoI) FastDigest CpoI
FD2164 FastDigest SanDI (KflI) FastDigest KflI
FD1934 FastDigest SapI (LguI) FastDigest LguI
FD0784 FastDigest Sau3AI (Bsp143I) FastDigest Bsp143I
FD0194 FastDigest Sau96I (Cfr13I) FastDigest Cfr13I
FD1194 FastDigest SbfI (SdaI) FastDigest SdaI
FD1424 FastDigest ScrFI (Bme1390I) FastDigest Bme1390I
FD2114 FastDigest SexAI (CsiI) FastDigest CsiI
FD2124 FastDigest SfaNI (BmsI) FastDigest BmsI
FD1164 FastDigest SfcI (BfmI) FastDigest BfmI
FD0404 FastDigest SnaBI (Eco105I) FastDigest Eco105I
FD1253/4 FastDigest SpeI (BcuI) FastDigest BcuI
FD0604 FastDigest SphI (PaeI) FastDigest PaeI
FD0424 FastDigest StuI (Eco147I) FastDigest Eco147I
FD0414 FastDigest StyI (Eco130I) FastDigest Eco130I
FD1244 FastDigest SwaI (SmiI) FastDigest SmiI
FD1784 FastDigest TfiI (PfeI) FastDigest PfeI
FD1354 FastDigest Tsp509I (TasI) FastDigest TasI
FD2104 FastDigest TspRI (TscAI) FastDigest TscAI