Optimisation of miniSTR analyses allows the study of ancient degraded samples
Credits: Sosa C, Núñez C, Baeta M, Casalod Y, Martínez-Jarreta B.
Department of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zaragoza, C/Domingo Miral s/n, Zaragoza 50009, Spain.

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Performance of the AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit with DNA Recovered from Environmentally Exposed Tissues (PDF)
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Identifying Victim Remains from a Mexican Helicopter Crash Using Identifiler® and MiniFiler™
Presented by Shawn Montpetit, DNA Technical Leader, San Diego Police Department Crime Laboratory, on July 17, 2007, at the Applied Biosystems Future Trends in Forensic DNA Technology Seminar Series in Anaheim, CA

AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit Put to the Ultimate Test with Ancient Egyptian Mummy Identification Project (PDF)
Applied Biosystems Technology and Scientific Experts Help Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities Initiate Groundbreaking Forensic Work, Forensic News, (October 2007)

Success Story: New DNA technology helps to identify the dead — application of Applied Biosystems MiniFiler™ Kit to Forensic Casework. (PDF)
Dean P. Hildebrand, Ph.D. British Columbia Institute of Technology - Centre for Forensic and Security Technology Studies

Success Story: Genotyping of degraded and ancient DNA samples using AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit (PDF)
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DNA Exonerates Man after 26 Years in Angola (PDF)
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Man Cleared After Woman Says Rape Claim was Lie
WABC-TV, New York, NY, December 10, 2009