Flow Cytometry Beads for Instrument Controls & Standards

Consistent instrument performance, minimal data variation

  • Alignment, size calibration, and sorting beads for optimal instrument performance
  • Compensation & counting beads and live/dead assays for accurate data
  • Compatible with any instrument

Flow cytometers are designed to perform quantitative measurements on individual cells and other particles with high precision, speed, and accuracy, making instrument calibration a critical step in flow cytometer performance and data integrity. Experimental controls for the analysis of fluorescently labeled cells include compensation, absolute cell counts, and live vs. dead determination.

Our flow cytometer alignment beads, cell sorting set-up beads, and size calibration and reference kits ensure that your flow cytometer and experimental design are tuned for maximal performance to provide accurate data collection and analysis.

Find tools for cell concentration and absolute counting, as well as distinguishing and quantitating live and dead bacteria.


Flow Cytometry Learning Center—Access flow cytometry educational resources for better experiment planning and execution.

Fluorescence SpectraViewer—Assess the spectral compatibility of flurophores.


Flow Cytometry Support Center—Find technical support recommendations for your flow cytometry workflows, including tips for experimental setup and in-depth troubleshooting help.

Flow Cytometry Protocols

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