GeneArt® Precision TALs provide custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing. Other technologies limit the choice of targets, but with Precision TALs you can target any locus in the genome, and this increase in engineering accuracy allows you to develop better solutions for healthcare, agriculture, energy, and bioproduction research.

 Now every gene locus is within your reach

GeneArt® Precision TALs are supplied as Gateway® compatible entry clones encoding a DNA-binding protein specific to a customer-submitted sequence, fused to a range of customer-designated effector domains for genome editing. GeneArt® Precision TALs deliver outstanding performance:

  • Speed: receive your clone within typically 4 weeks after order confirmation 
  • Precision: recognizes the DNA sequence you specify
  • Flexibility: you choose the effectors and Gateway® compatible vector that meet your needs
  • Reliability: clone contains verified optimized sequence for improved expression

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GeneArt® Precision TALs are genome engineering tools for locus-specific modification of the genome

Precision TALs are produced in Xanthamonas, a genus of plant pathogens. The pathogen specifically recognizes DNA of the host with a protein containing 17–18 repeats of approximately 34 amino acids each. The nucleotide specificity is conferred by amino acids 12 and 13 within each repeat. Each nucleotide in the target DNA is recognized by one repeat. This 1-to-1 relationship can be used to specifically target any locus in the genome.

Figure 1    

    Double-stranded breaks can be created at a customer-specified locus in the genome, using a pair of Precision TALs fused to Fok1 nuclease (Figure 1). Using a pair of Precision TALs for the targeting reduces off-target effects. Double-strand breaks are repaired through two mechanisms, homologous recombination or nonhomologous end joining. This repair process is used to perform targeting or gene silencing at any locus.
Figure 2    

  Gene activation is accomplished by specifically targeting a transcription activator to the gene of interest (Figure 2). The activator approach to gene over-expression has the advantage of expressing all the endogenous splice variants in the appropriate ratios.
Figure 3    

  Gene repression is accomplished by specifically targeting a transcription repressor to the gene of interest. (Figure 3).GeneArt® Precision TALs can be designed to act as repressors that will down-regulate the targeted gene, similar to the function of small interfering RNA (siRNA). Both gene activation and repression can serve to elucidate the role of the gene of interest in specific signaling pathways or other phenotypes.
Figure 4

   If you want to deploy an effector domain not currently available, we offer a MCS (multiple cloning site) vector that allows you to insert any protein-coding sequence of interest. The resulting TAL will deliver that effector in a sequence-specific manner anywhere in the genome (Figure 4). Additional gene synthesis services are available to generate any effector domains for which you don’t have a template.

Applications & Examples

In vitro cleavage of genomic target locus
Cleavage of in vitro expressed TAL demonstrated on PCR amplified target. Control is a TAL to a different target DNA is PCR amplified fragment of genomic DNA containing TAL target IL2RG TAL demonstrated cleavage of specific target in genomic DNA

  Surveyor Assay for in vivo modification
+ = Surveyor treated PCR product
- = untreated PCR product
Control TAL treated cells showed no modification
IL2RG TAL  treated cells showed 7% modification


Product Name TAL Effector Domain
Native TAL FokI Native Fokl
Truncated TAL FokI Truncated FokI
Native TAL vp16 activator Native vp16 activator
Native TAL vp64 activator Native vp64 activator
Native TAL MCS Native MCS
Truncated TAL MCS Truncated MCS
TAL repressor Modified KRAB



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.