ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels  

Just vent, heat, add stain, and pour

There is nothing worse than carefully weighed agarose, gently swirled in buffer, that turns into a scalding, molten mess in the microwave. That’s where ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels come in. ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels are new multipurpose UltraPure™ agarose gels for virtually every DNA electrophoresis application. Premixed with 1X TAE buffer, ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels are the simple-to-use 1% agarose gel solution.

ReadyPouch agarose video - 4 simple steps

Traditional agarose: A tale of too many steps

What researchers are saying

"I don't know why anyone would want to make their gel from scratch."

"One less step. Just grab-n-go."

ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel benefits

  • No boil-overs
  • Wide resolution range
  • High gel strength
  • Ready-to-use agarose (1%) premixed in TAE
  • Fewer bubbles
  • No detectable DNase or RNase activity

ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel applications

  • PCR fragments >0.5 kb
  • Southern blotting
  • Analytical separation of DNA fragments in 0.5–23 kb range

ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels—4 easy steps



ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel workflow—Vent

VENT by tearing pouch along the dotted line



ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel workflow—Heat

HEAT in microwave on HIGH for 90 seconds



ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel workflow—Add stain

ADD 2 drops of stain



ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel workflow—Pour

POUR into casting tray

Comparison of gel made with ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel to a standard 1% agarose gel

1% Agarose Gel

ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel

Lambda DNA was digested with various restriction enzymes for 1 hour, and 250 ng of each digest was then loaded on a standard 1% agarose gel (A) and a ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gel (B). The gels were run for 30 min at 85 V and imaged on an E-Gel® Imager for 0.5 sec. Lanes 1 and 14: 250 ng of 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder. Lane 2: 2 µL Low Mass DNA Ladder. Lanes 3 and 4: AgeI digest. Lanes 5 and 6: AseI digest. Lanes 7 and 8: BamHI digest. Lanes 9 and 10: PvuII digest. Lanes 11 and 12: HindIII digest. Lane 13: BamHI/HindIII double digest.